Minneapolis Animal “Care” and Control (MACC) Overzealous in Deeming Dogs Dangerous

by admin on March 18, 2012

Recent changes to the Minneapolis law concerning “dangerous” dogs were broad and sweeping, and allowed the Minneapolis Animal Control (MACC) to declare nearly any dog dangerous or potentially dangerous, even if the dog had never bitten or injured a person or another animal. The City of Minneapolis failed to notify dog owners about the proposed changes. As a result, when the Minneapolis City Council held a hearing on the proposed chances, no one appeared to speak for or against the new wording.

Read the full article here: http://www.animalarkshelter.org/animal/ArkArticles.nsf/ViewArticle?OpenForm&Photo=811D42EA971ACE6886257914007D740D

I personally had an encounter with an animal control officer who was escorted by two Minneapolis police officers. The animal control officer was very rude and condescending, lecturing me about my dog because of its breed. The dog has never harmed anything or anyone. The situation was very Kafkaesque in the fact that when I asked the police why they were there, they refused to speak and also refused to give me their contact information, keeping their hands on their pistols while scowling at me. After the lecture, the animal control officer issued a gigantic fine and assured me that my dog would be deemed dangerous due to its breed and confined to a 3-foot leash and muzzle when outside. I think that something needs to change and that the misleading name of the department, “Minneapolis Animal Care and Control” hardly reflects the reality of the animal gestapos. Stand up and fight the inhumane practices of the MACC by writing them, protesting, and civil litigation.


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